What would you rather? (or ‘Why I should be worried about my boyfriend’)

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Today I had a rather worrying conversation with V…he has invented a new game called ‘What would you rather…?’.  This is an actual transcript of the conversation:

V:  I’ve invented a new game ‘What would you rather…?’

Me:  Go on…

V:  Ok, I give you two options and you just tell me which option you would rather do.

Me:  Ok, hit me

V:  Ok, so what would you rather – eat a dog or a cat?

Me:  A dog I suppose…more meat on a dog

V:  But dogs sometimes eat their own shit

Me:  But cats eat their own vomit more often than dogs eat their own shit

V:  You mean you would rather eat something that eats it own shit than its own vomit?

Me:  Now I’m not sure…

V:  Well you’ve chosen dog now.  Your stuck with it.  Ok, next question, What would you rather: french kiss your mum or your dad?

Me: What?!  Can I have the option of ‘neither’

V:  No you HAVE to choose

Me:  Why do I HAVE to choose?

V:  Because its the point of the game Lores!

Me:  You can’t make me choose!  Why don’t you answer the question: who would you choose to french kiss between of your mum and dad?

V: (no hesitation)  My dad.  My mum has false teeth

Me:  Remind me why I am seeing you again…?


Written by Lores

January 9, 2009 at 7:04 pm

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