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Last night, I was planning to visit a friend for some birthday drinks in South Essex, which is about an hour and a half drive from my house.  However, after driving halfway up the road from my house noticed the car’s wheels pulling towards the left.  This fact, alongside the fact that the temperature gauge read -10 degrees, the amount of black ice on the road, as well as the fact I had no intention of turning into Lores-pate on the side of the road meant that V and I stayed put in chilly Colchester for the evening. 

Now, if you ever decide to go out for the evening in Colchester you will find that there isn’t a huge amount choice in terms of activities – the main choices, naturally, are to go get drunk, have a meal, go to the cinema.  Of course these choices aren’t mutally exclusive, so after a quick drink at a local boozer, we armed ourselves with armloads of maltersers and peanut M&M’s and wound our merry way to see the film ‘Defiance‘, with Daniel Craig and some other actors including that boy who played Billy Elliot, in the film…um…Billy Elliot.

Defiance PosterNow I’m not a film critique as you may have guessed, and so I am not going to write a piece about plot development, mise en scene, character profiles etc etc.  But what I will say is this – it was probably one of the most moving films I have seen for a long time – its a tale of hope against oppression, a story on what human beings can achieve, but the main reason I found it so moving was because it tells a true story.  I find it so shocking how much suffering there has been in the world – and of course is still in the world. 

So not a comedy then?  No.  But there are some funny moments, as well as action scenes, but enough dialogue to ensure it doesn’t turn into just ‘an action film’.

And so I would thoroughly recommend this film to everyone (well everyone over the age of 15 as there is an age restriction on it).


Written by Lores

January 11, 2009 at 11:13 am

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