Today somebody died. (my journey home)

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Tonight, waiting for my train to whip me back home to a rain-soaked Essex from Central London where I work, an announcement came over the tanoy:

“Due to a fatality at the next station there will be no National Express service operating from the station”

Groan, curses, sighs all over the station platform.  Commuters shuffle and grumble, united by the collective annoyance for this unknown person who had inconvenienced their evening.   

The platform is packed – there is no other route back to our destinations.  We wait.  30 minutes pass – Another announcement:

“We have been informed that the police has now moved the body and normal service will now resume”

A guy turns to me and says “thank goodness for that”.  Yes indeed – thank goodness for that.  You might now justmake that Pilate’s class, you may only now be a little late for dinner.

A 45 minute inconvenience for us, and a final gesture from someone who felt desperate enough to end their life on a train track on this rainy January evening. 

I’m not sure I can truly express how the journey home made me feel today.


Written by Lores

January 12, 2009 at 9:41 pm

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