Quitting alcohol for weight loss?

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I only thought about it this morning, but last night was literally the first Friday night for months that I didn’t have some sort of alcohol.

Isn’t that shocking?  Not that not drinking last night was in anyway hard, but then again I did stay in and feel sorry for myself – yes, I am still feeling ill, and sadly enought this morning I am nearly mute!  (I’m sure that this is not a side effect of quitting smoking – I think that my quit has coincided with picking up a nasty winter cold)

Anyway, back to the no drinking:  One thing I am expecting to happen by not drinking is to lose weight.  I read recently about the calories in alcohol – it is amazing how many calories are in booze!   In a single measure of vodka there are 55 calories.  Not very much you may think, but as you can see here, I can do 10 vodka’s easily in one night.  That’s 400 calories already (and not including the mixer).

In a small glass of red wine you can expect there to be 85 – 100 calories.  Again, not so bad if you only have a small glass of red wine of an evening.  But I can easily sink 1 bottle to myself – that’s just over 500 calories!Drinking

Did you also know that in a pint of lager you can expect there to be 190 – 200 calories.  In a pint of guiness there is 210 calories, and in a pint of ale there is around 230 calories. 

I don’t actually drink beer, but when I do go out, V will usually match my vodka intake with pints of beer – easily drinking 6 pints in one night.  When I told him that was around1,200 calories he was quite shocked.

Then again, being the supportive old stick he is, he went out and brought some cans of beer to enjoy while playing Wii last night anyway. 

I have already found that taking up a vegetarian diet has meant that I have lost a few pounds in weight…lets see if not drinking will also make a difference!

And BBC Radio 1 has a really useful widget that can work out the calories in the booze you had last night.  Click here to work out your alcohol calorie intake

You can also check out Drink Aware that will let you see the calorie content of alcohol by brand


Written by Lores

January 17, 2009 at 9:56 am

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