Aches and pains, Moving House, and Big Snow Fun

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A beautiful winter view from our front room window

A beautiful winter view from our front room window

Dear Internet,

Its nearly been a week since I last wrote, and I have so much to tell you!

As you my recall, I was due to move house on Saturday.  As I partially suspected, the day was complete chaos.  I got to the new property at 1pm to pick up the keys and run through the inventory, while V had to do two round trips in the van to bring all of our possessions to London.  A total of around 250 miles.  Poor V.  However, has he was doing the driving, that meant I did most of the unpacking in the end.

However we are now in situ…albeit still surrounded by boxes!

Casualties of the move: 

  • V’s cup.  It has a big green ‘V’ on it…and he misses it terribly already. 
  • My knuckles.  A moving injury means I now look like I have had a bare knuckle fist fight with a wall
  • Our chest of drawers.  Is now missing a drawer knob. 
  • Both mine and V’s backs.  I’m not convinced I was designed to be lifting big heavy things around…and my back is suffering for it!

tilesSo what is our new place like?  Well, its two bedrooms, ground floor flat with a large living room, and a nice big kitchen (our last one was so small its great to have a nice big space for all my creative cooking!).  The bathroom is actually a wet room – fully tiled in crazy blue green mosaic style – see picture right.  No bath, but a nice power shower.  The letting agent only gave us one set of keys, and they are security keys so we can’t get any new ones cut…so V and I are having to plan who has the keys at any given time!  I’m hoping they will get them sorted out as soon as possible.

View from our back window

View from our back window

So after a busy weekend, I felt exhausted and not looking forward to work on Monday morning.  Luckily for me, the weather gods obviously realised my plight, and sent lots of lovely heaps of snow over London for Monday morning.

Now, you may not know this, but England is unique in the fact that we are never prepared for the weather.  The snow meant that London ground to a halt, at a cost of something like 1 billion to the economy as no one could get to work.  Limited tube services functioned, and no buses.  There was only about 2-3 inches of the white stuff! 


And so, with a day off work, V and I spent most of the day building snow men and making snow angels.  It was big fun!

A photo of V taking a photo of a snow laden tree in North London

A photo of V taking a photo of a snow laden tree in North London

With the roads and pavements still treacherous today I’ve made the executive decision to work from home again…and I’m crossing my fingers for more snow fall.

I also had some great news from a good friend of mine XXXXXXX*, who called me on Sunday night to tell me that she has just found out that she is pregnant!  I am so excited for her, as she has been trying for a while, and I couldn’t think of someone more deserving of motherhood.  She will make a great mother and role model, and I can’t wait to be ‘Auntie L’. 

(*Until my friend makes a general internet announcement about her good news / wishes it to be in the public domain she will remain nameless!)

That’s quite a bit of news for the last week I think you’ll agree, and I promise to write more often and keep you updated on what I am doing.

All the best

Lores x


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February 3, 2009 at 10:27 am

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