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redwine-798682According to the press this week, drinking a glass of wine per day could prevent gullet cancer.  Excellent news, and cause for celebration…

But don’t crack open the Rioja just yet.

Reports last week also indicate that drinking one glass of wine per day can actually increase the risk of mouth and throat cancer by 68%

Are you as confused as me yet?  On further investigation I discovered that The Daily Mail assures us that a mere 1/2 a glass of wine per day could actually protect us from cancer (is that 1/2 a large glass or a small glass do you think?)

More good news if you are a smoker, as a glass of red wine a day can actually ward of lung cancer (ignore the fact that you increase your risk of lung cancer by smoking in the first place) and men who smoke and drink red wine are 13% less likely to get lung cancer than fellow male smokers who are teetotal. 

I even discover that drinking wine can prevent bowel cancer.  But conversely, I also discover that drinking any beer or wine at all can give you bowel and liver cancer

And then there are the reports that tell us that two glasses of wine per day can increase your chance of contracting breast cancer.  But don’t worry, it appears you can counter-act this as by drinking red wine – yes apparrently red wine  may actually help reduce tumours

So…can I still have that 1/2 a glass of wine per day or not?

redOne thing that we can all be sure of though is that red wine is good for your heart.  In fact, white wine is just as good for your heart as the red stuff.  Excellent, until I find out that drinking a glass of wine per day can lead to heart attacks cancer and parkinson’s

And men…alcohol is a big ‘no-no’ if you are thinking of being a ‘daddy’ at any point in your life…alcohol lowers fertility too.  Along with coffee and nuts.  Apparently.

And for the horizonally challenged amoung us, there is a red wine pill that can help you lose weight!  

So from the evidence gathered, I conclude that;

Drinking red wine / alcohol in general causes cancer, heart attacks and parkinsons

Not drinking red wine / alcohol in general causes cancer, heart attacks and parkinsons

Don’t even think about getting your alcohol from elsewhere…even  mouthwash can cause cancer

My thorough investigation has lead me to conclude the following:

Don’t eat or drink anything.  Ever


Just don’t read the news.  Ignorance is bliss  


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  1. It just shows you how much the so-called experts actually know. Somebody, somewhere, can prove that something is bad for you. Another somebody, somewhere else, can equally convince you that the same somethings are good for you. They all talk twaddle. 🙂


    March 7, 2009 at 8:05 am

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