A New Journalism Low…

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Sometimes it feels like journalists and columnists only cling to their jobs and diminishing readerships by jumping on the ‘pointless rage’ bandwagon, and inciting some sort of hatred – whether that be religious, racist, sexist or any other other ‘ist’.

But the story that got me spitting feathers this week is one that truly sinks to new depths of journalism lows.

If you haven’t heard about it already its the Express coverage of the survivors of the Dunblane massacre.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about it, Dunblane was a multiple murder suicide that happened in a primary school in Dunblane in 1996, where 17 young children were killed.

Being 14 at the time, I remember this hideous story well, and the sorrow and shock waves that went through the UK. 

So imagine my disgust (along with many other people’s) when I heard about the front page article  “Anniversary Shame of Dunblane Survivors” by the Sunday Express.  The original article was published on the 8 March, but I only found out about it this week…being that  I never buy the Sunday Express myself (unless the local shop is out of stock of toilet paper).  I found out about this story via the medium of Twitter.

The  “Anniversary Shame of Dunblane Survivors” is an <sarcasm> inspiring example of journalistic tact and congeniality </sarcasm>  about how some of the (now teenage) survivors of the Dunblane massacre are now DRINKING ALCOHOL!  MAKING RUDE GESTURES! and TALKING ABOUT THEIR SEX LIVES!  

Yes you read correctly.  Front page. 

The hack (or is that ‘hick’?) who wrote this piece actually went onto social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo and YouTube, to track down the survivors.    

The inside heading “SICK MESSAGES SHAME MEMORY OF CLASSMATES” really conveys the subtle sub text these young kids should be ashamed of themselves for surviving and being normal teenagers.  That their behaviour is a hideous affront to their classmates who had died.   They should be ashamed.  (And yes, full names and photos were featured in the original article)

Apart from the fact that this is a particular vicious piece of writing… 

…There is no story

It’s not even news!  Usually just racist and bigoted, the Express seems to have excelled itself with this poisonous piece of journalism.  

Quite rightly, there has been public outcry about this article (see links at the bottom of this email), including a petition for a public apology, which I am supporting.

Of course though, the Express has always been full of nasty, spiteful articles.  People obviously buy this tirade of self opinionated bile…why, I honestly don’t know. 

Ok, my rant is over – check out these links:

Written by Lores

March 19, 2009 at 4:32 pm

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  1. Strange – an identical post to this on another blog.


    April 5, 2009 at 11:42 am

  2. Really? Which blog?


    April 5, 2009 at 4:36 pm

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