My Two Pence Worth on the Launch of Google’s ‘Street View’…

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So Google Streetview went live today, and I wonder how many hundreds of pounds, dollars and euro’s have been lost as people take virtual walks down their street instead of doing any work?

Screenshot from Streetview (random street)

Screenshot from Streetview (random street)

Street View is a map service which allows people to take a look at real imagery of city streets taken by customised Google camera car, which means that you can zoom in look about you in 360 degree wonder and delight.

All very exciting. Indeed, Twitter has been humming with people bubbling with excitement that they could ‘see my house!’ as well as the bitter feeling of rejection articulated by those whose street isn’t featured yet.

Yes, the only limitation is that not everywhere is on Google streetview yet.  I imagine though that there are many Google camera cars en route to your ‘hood even as I type (in my mind’s eye I’m picturing  a swarm of black bugs over a map of the UK), so you should be able to join in the fun soon enough. 

Initially it was good fun virtually wandering down my street on streetview, but because I do this everyday anyway in real life, the novely quickly wore off.  It became rather like a broken pencil…Pointless. 

So all that’s really left to do after that is start getting a bit grubby by checking out the streets of friends, family and ex boyfriends.

Yes the launch of this service is a great resource for the compulsive, obsessive and voyeuristic individuals of society.  Although, even then, Google has blurred out any faces or car number plates caught on camera, so stalking ability is a bit limited really. 

Yep its a great novelty – if a bit spooky – but not sure I can get as enthusiastic as some at being able to see the stuff online that I can see for myself offline.

Check it out for yourself here>>>


Written by Lores

March 19, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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  1. He he – I have to admit that I can’t see the fascination either.

    Yes… yes… it’s… a street. Oh.


    March 22, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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