I Tweet. Therefore I am?

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Twitter.  It’s where the cool kids are at.

The celebs are using it (@wossy @stephenfry @realhughjackman @alancarr), and the politicians are using it (@downingstreet @tweetminster @mayoroflondon @tweetcongress)

News is discussed as it happens (see the recent @guidofawkes and @derekdraper debacle, and the news channels such as @channel4news ) and even charities are in on the act (@greenpeace @rednoseday2009)

To some people, Twitter is nothing but a boring waste of time (just ‘facebook status updates’), but to others it is a useful micro-blogging tool enabling the quick sharing of information, and a place to meet or ‘follow’ likeminded people and make new connections. 

And of course there are other users who are convinced that Twitter is nothing but a free marketing tool (to those people…or ‘twits…please note:  if you do not have a profile picture, and if you have follow 2,000 people yet only have 3 followers yourself I WILL NOT FOLLOW YOU BACK YOU BIG SPAMMER).

Personally I get a lot of use from Twitter – more so than facebook (which is nothing but shameless voyeurism in my opinion).  As anyone who has read this blog has realised, brevity isn’t one of my strong points – so being forced to keep my ‘tweet’s’ and my bio to under 140 characters really appeals.  It keeps me concise.  I maintain two twitter egos – my personal Twitter which is full of jocular anecdotes (“I just spilled my coffee”) and sagacious observations (“I’m just about to have my tea”), and my professional Twitter ego which is a little more inspiring – i.e. interesting links, tips and news from the organisation I work for.

I have a lot of Twitter joy.  And I’ll sign off with my favourite (amusing) Twitter story this week – the boycotting or mass unfollowing of Ashton Kutcher (aka @aplusk), which included alot of retweeting of the message below:

I’m not following @aplusk. Mainly because I thought Ashton Kutcher was an M4 service station

Twitterific fun


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