Itchy Old Men, Taekwondo, and ‘Umm-ing’ and ‘Ahh-ing’

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What a beautiful day today!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and its nearly the weekend.

Even the sight of an old boy stopping in front of me, bending double and itching his scrotum through his jeans on my way to work this morning wasn’t enough to shake me from my chipper mood.  (Yes that really happened)

So why am I in such a good news?  Well, I have a fantastically busy weekend planned, and this week I also got the news that a bit of funding has been secured for the charity project I work on, which means I get to keep my job for another year! 

My post is reliant on external funding, and with the recession meaning that organisations are keeping their pennies close by, funding on the scale we had last year isn’t looking promising.  In fact, in recent weeks I wasn’t sure that I would get any funding at all.  Anyway, one government department came through at the 11th hour, and so I now have a job until May 2010 and a little to spend.  Now I just need to fundraise a few more pounds! 

This weekend I am participating in a public speaking course at YMCA central in London.  I’m a confident speaker, but I have a lot of bad habits – I ‘um’ and ‘ah’ quite a lot, and never know what to do with my hands.  I’m hoping that I pick up a few good tips from this course (which is fairly intensive at two days long), and I’ll share any findings here.

Tonight I am also starting a Taekwondo course.  For anyone know ‘in the know’ Taekwondo is a martial art which focusses a lot on leg work.  (Apparently its very good for women like me who tend to put on weight on the upper leg).   It’s initially only a six week course, but if I like it – and I’m not beaten up by a child in the first few weeks – then I will book for a longer course.   Again, I’ll share findings here.

So a busy weekend planned!  I’m just hoping that this beautiful weather keeps up!


Written by Lores

April 24, 2009 at 10:02 am

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