Links for the end of April 2009

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It’s the first day of May, and so I thought I would share here a collection of the interesting, exciting, useful, or just plain odd links to ‘stuff’ that I have found over the past month

The Amusing… 

The Amazing / Inspiring…

  • Kiva – microfinance charity, which makes an active difference to those living in poverty
  • Random Acts of Kindness – A resource for people committed to spreading kindness – makes you feel good just reading the site
  • Worldometer – real time world statistics.  Mind blowing

The Useful…

  • – shorten your long urls and track how many people click
  • eatsleepdraw – Share your artwork with the world!
  • London Farmers Markets – find your local farmer’s market / organic produce (London only!)
  • Netvibes – get all your RSS feeds in one place
  • RandomActs – communications consultant
  • Twtpoll – create your own Twitter Polls
  • Wordle – make beautiful word clouds

The Odd…

  • MeanKitty – the place for not so nice cats on the internet (I’m quite scared of cats…so maybe should have been filed under ‘The Scary…”)

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