Camp Euro-pop, Nostalgia, and Some Talent…

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After a boat ride down the river Thames yesterday (Waterloo to Greenwich), V and I headed over to a friend of mine’s Eurovision Song Contest Party in east London. 

Now I am not a Eurovision fan, but even I couldn’t resist an invite to a Eurovision Song Contest party hosted by a group of gay men.  Eurovision is perhaps the campest thing on TV after all (see the picture of the Greek entrant below)

Sakis Rouvas the greek entry for Eurovision

Not Camp? Sakis Rouvas for Greece

For anyone reading this not familiar with the Eurovision concept, it is an international singing contest where countries put forward their most promising (or most ‘cheesy’ as is so often the case) acts in the hope of winning…well Eurovision glory I suppose.  

Some of the songs are so bad, I cannot possibly believe that they are the best that certain countries have to offer.  But then again the appalling ‘cheese factor’ is what I find so amusing about the whole thing.

But the thing that I like best about the competition is the voting.  I think you can learn more about international politics during the voting stage of the Eurovision song contest than you can by reading any number of palgrave journals.   England will always score Germany a low number of votes, the Scandinavian countries will always vote for each other, and France will never vote for England.  Its almost text book.

Anyway, Norway won in the end (wails of disappointment from the largely Greek contingent at the party), and the UK came somewhere middle of the table, which made a change from our usual ‘nil points’ (not sure how we managed that as I found our entry painful dull)

After last nights festivities, I felt that it was prudent to have an easy day today so I have been avoiding doing any cleaning or tidying, and ‘photo-shopping’ some pictures taken this weekend. 

I have also been cruising Spotify for songs from my ‘yoof’ that I had forgotten about or not listened too for years.  The list so far has included;

  1. Just the One – The Levellers  (A band with a dog on a bit of string.  Have to respect that “…fancy a drink?  Just the one…”)
  2. The Distance – Cake  (Don’t remember anything by this band, but like this song)
  3. Vaseline – Elastica (“…when your stuck like glue – Vaseline…” practical advice from the girls)
  4. Chemical World – Blur  (A huge teenage love of mine “…modern life is rubbish…” oh yes it is!)
  5. Fishing – Public Image Ltd   (“…talking to you is a waste of time…” Have to love John Lydon, if he now has to resort to selling butter)
  6. You Love Us – Manic Street Preachers  (“…you love us like a holocaust…” ’nuff sed)
  7. Death Valley ’69 – Sonic Youth feat. Lydia Lynch (I loved this as a teenager…very angst)
  8. Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran  (80’s cheese-tastic) 
  9. Velvet Goldmine – David Bowie  (I love David Bowie, he’s such an oddball) 

During this trip down memory lane, I have the TV on mute in the background and randomly tuned into Britain’s got Talent.  This little guy- Aiden Davis – caught my eye, and thought I’d share this here – he has some amazing moves!  


Written by Lores

May 17, 2009 at 3:59 pm

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