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Fancy a slice of the pie?

One thing about doing the job I do is that I often hear about some amazing collaborations, social enterprises and innovative networks, and last week a came across a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get started in the music industry:  SlicethePie

Slicethepie calls itself a ‘financing platform for the music industry’, which basically means that it unites artists with funders – the unique element is that those funders can be anyone.

With as little as £1 users of the site (you can sign up for free) can support and invest in new and existing artists – with limited risk as you can trade in and out of your investments at any time.

“Music Fans can then directly invest in the Artists in return for exclusive Artist access, a copy of the completed album, their name on the album sleeve and a decent share in the financial returns from album and single sales”

If you are an artist, not only are you able to raise money directly from music fans and investors, you can also get reviews and contructive feedback on your music – effectively, the website users take on an A&R role.  Users can also discuss bands and network in the forums.

This site is innovative because it cuts out the ‘middle man’ by putting artists in touch with the people who listen to music, and anyone – artist, music fan or invest0r – can sign up for free.

Find out more here >>>



Written by Lores

May 21, 2009 at 7:54 pm

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