The Ugly Face of Animal Testing…

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I felt quite sad to stumble over the paper The Ugly Face of Animal Testing earlier today.  According to this paper, animal testing in Europe was only banned on 11 March 2009 – although companies may still test their products on animals outside the EU up until 2013.

I do not believe that animals should be harmed to make unnecessary products for human consumption. 

The Body Shop proved years ago that you can make all sorts of beauty products without resorting to animal testing, so in my eyes there is no excuse for any organisation to still do so.

However, I do agree with animal testing for medicines.  Does that mean I have double standards?  Perhaps so.  All I know is this – if someone I loved was taken ill I would much prefer that a cure was found at the expense of a couple of laboratory mice.

Rantage over.


Written by Lores

May 28, 2009 at 7:18 pm

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