Love Me Do…The Odd Things I Like About People

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This morning on my way to work, an elderly woman got on the tube train I was on.  She must of been in her 70’s and she had massive frizzy red hair, horn-rimmed glasses, bright pink lipstick and a fun-fur leopard print jacket, and on spotting her I felt a tiny pang of love for this old dear.

Now this might sound odd, but I do find that I love some odd things in people.  In this case – eccentricity. 

It got me thinking about all the other odd things that I love about people…not the ‘normal’ things that are loveable in people, like politeness, kindness etc, because that goes without saying.    More, the things that you wouldn’t immediately think were loveable traits in someone.  Let me try and explain with a short list of examples:

Eccentric People

old_ladySo the woman on the bus was just so lovably eccentric. Eccentric clothes, eccentric hobbies…odd, unusual and illogical behaviour is such a wonderful thing to me. (What is ‘normal’ anyway?)

I’m not talking about people who are mentally ill or just ‘wacky’ – you know those people who are self confessed crazy people (‘I’m mad me!’) and who usually are the dullest people going.

Eccentrics are very different. They honestly don’t seem to notice why they are different, or if they they do, they just don’t care. Individuality is something to be cherished in my opinion.

Impossibly Posh People

terry thomasThis is not quite the same as eccentric people – although of course there can be some cross over. Impossibly posh people deserve a category all to themselves. I have a weird fascination with them – like an alien life form, I can’t quite believe that they exist, but they do and so I can’t take my eyes off them.

Impossibly posh people will usually have triple-barrelled-surnames, can trace their family routes back to the 12th Century and genuinely do not believe that poor people exist. They are so ill equip to deal with the ‘real’ world (i.e. outside their castle walls) that it’s amazing they made it this far.

You can see some examples of what I mean here on tweeting too hard.My favourites on this site are: The woman who tweets “impatiently waiting for my cavier” and another who tweets “OMG I was saying how I couldn’t afford gas to fly daddys jet to the riviera this summer and this barista totally rolled her eyes at me”

Simply fabulous!

People who’s first reaction is to smile

I’m not talking about someone walking around with a permanent smile on their face like some sort of village idiot, but people who, as a general rule, choose to smile at a new situation rather than frown are wonderful people in my book (and also very rare). I also love people who laugh a lot. Jolly people.

Miserable People who Complain A Lot

victor meldrewConversely to the above statement, there is something I really love about genuinely miserable, opinionated people. I love it when people complain – it just make me laugh and I love them all the more, and then that gives them so much more to complain about. And so the circle of miserable love continues.

My favourite comedians tend to be moany, miserable people like Jack Dee, Frankie Boyle, or Jo Brand.  I love reading miserable / ranting blog posts like c4rosel’s vicious tirade about espadrilles and Enduring Art’s post Cojones(actually the more I read of Enduring Art’s blog, the more I wonder if this person may actually be scary rather than funny)

People Who are Passionate about something

Anything, I don’t care what. Unless of course, it’s murder or something like that.

But seriously, even if the subject matter bores me to tears, there is something magical about someone who is very very passionate about something.  If you have ever been in the company of a child for example who is so excited about something (a new toy / a day out etc) that they can’t get the words out – you’ll understand what I mean.

People who enjoy their food

chocolate-cakeNo, I am talking about fat people. That is food abuse in my book (apart from if the fatness is caused by a medical condition of course). Its probably borderline weird, but I just love it when people enjoy food. You know, when people aren’t afraid to have an extra piece of cake…or when I see people enjoying an ice cream or a big steak dinner. Its endearing for some reason. Urgh…There is no way of explaining what I mean without sounding a bit creepy…!



And for my next blog post: The Things I hate about People (that list might be slightly longer)


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  2. Lores…

    The “People who complain a lot” is what my day was all about.

    I spent the day with my non-drinking alcoholic father. I recall that you have one too.

    Man, it was agonizing to hear the ongoing complaining. I have these huge “emotional alergies” to his rantings because they are what I grew up with.

    Hearing them yet again at 40-something still triggers the memories of sadness and anxiety that I felt when I was a kid when he would go on and on about the state of the world and politicians etc, etc.

    I spent half the day with him on medical appointments and had to actually have a nap when I got home. It was that exhausting and painful.

    Anyway…. reading your post triggered this memory from today.

    I suppose some complainers can be amusing. Ever heard “The Travel Agent Sketch” where Eric Idol of Monty Python goes on and on and on with a rant about how “holiday package tours” suck?

    It is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. If you havent heard of it…. here it is on you tube… (first half of the vid)

    Anyway… just crossing paths.




    June 4, 2009 at 4:41 am

  3. Oh Chaz,

    Sorry to hear that – what an exhausting time for you.

    I suppose my post was reffering to the melancholic person rather than an ill person.

    I think we discussed this in the past, but I do totally sympathise with what you go through. I haven’t seen my father for a few months now, after his appalling behaviour at Christmas he has kept a low profile…but I have spoken to him on the phone a few times.

    His ranting can be funny to be honest – he can be a witty man. But that’s when he is sober. When he’s drunk its the usual racism / sexism, self satisfied bile.

    I really sympathise with how your day was…what I always try and remember is that it is an illness.

    And that no body acts for anything other than a positive reason – even they are drinking for the positive reason of making themselves feel better. Likewise I know my dad rants about everyone else because he feels insecure, depressed and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I’m not saying he is right, but its easier to understand.



    Ps…I love Monty Python


    June 4, 2009 at 7:20 am

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