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This last week I have been busier than a bag full of very busy bees on speed. 

Trying to organise an international event for the community organisation I work for with literally no money is quite a tricky task it seems.  But in-between fundraising, seeking volunteers, updating websites, seeking pro-bono help and sitting in the shadow of the teetering pile of admin that threatens to fall and entomb me, I have signed up to be an online mentor at The Horses Mouth

The Horses Mouth is:

“…the social network for informal mentoring, where everyone can give and gain. You can search for a mentor, be a mentor, or simply browse the inspirational profiles and stories on the site. It’s safe and it’s free”

I have decided to mentor as I really do believe that everyone has something to offer, but sometimes they need a helping hand along the way.

Was it Ghandi who said something along the lines of “we should live like we may die tomorrow, but we should learn like we may live forever”

Well, I’m not as wise as Ghandi obviously, but if I can help someone I will! 

In an ideal world I would like to mentor someone face to face, but at the moment its finding the actual physical time…


Written by Lores

June 17, 2009 at 9:35 pm

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