Shut Up Bands: Because Musicians Say the Stupidest Things…

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My new favourite website of the week:  Shut Up Bands

Some bands are looking for gigs, some are looking for record deals, some are looking for press – most of them are looking for all three of these things. And more.

Shut Up, Bands is dedicated to the biographies, letters or emails which accompany band demos or new releases – it’s a blog containing stupid words we’ve been sent or come across on the ‘web’ or in ‘print’. You can expect delusions of grandeur, bold claims, pretentious twaddle, entirely incorrect musical comparisons, awful spelling, clichés, ridiculous riders, our pet hates and tongue-in-cheek stuff that just makes us laugh. This blog will also be incorporating Shut Up, PR People; Shut Up, Mangers; Shut Up, Record Labels etc. etc. etc.

While a degree of evilness is obviously intended, we do actually feel slight pangs of guilt with (almost) every published post, so steps have been made to censor band names and other names where appropriate. We’re here for funnies, not witch-hunting. That’s the plan, anyway – if the band is REALLY musically offensive then we’ll gladly link to their ‘tunes’ for you all to laugh at. So there.

But sometimes we’ll just list bands with funny names or song titles.

One thing is for sure – everything quoted is 100% genuine.


Written by Lores

June 18, 2009 at 9:24 am

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