Dianamania: The Sequel

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So Michael Jackson passed away last night (or yesterday if you are in the US). 

Cue ‘Dianamania:  The Sequel”

But I’m not going to write anything about it.  Mainly because I was never a fan (and also because other people can do it so much better than I).  And I’m not going to share any of the jokes I’ve heard already (some in poor taste – the rest in very poor taste) because I do appreciate that lots of people loved Michael Jackson…and while I don’t agree with the whole ‘celebrity’ obsession, it is a sad thing for anyone to die.


…saying that, does anyone else think it odd that as one of Michael’s bezzie mates, and a self proclaimed psychic…that Uri Geller didn’t see it coming?   

Just saying…


Written by Lores

June 26, 2009 at 10:14 am

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