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happy faceToday I have the opportunity to attend a much needed training day at Happy Computers.   A few years ago I managed to self-teach myself basic HTML code, but was unable to progress further on my own.  So not knowing my CMS from my CSS, when the chance for some customised training in Dreamweaver and CSS came up I leapt at the chance.

Now, I don’t usually review a  commercial organisation – at least not in a positive way!  I just don’t agree with free marketing or gratuitous back slapping for the sake of it if I’m honest…

…but Happy Computers was quite a different experience.

I went in the door at 10am this morning never having used Dreamweaver, and having only heard rumour that such things as Cascading Style Sheets existed.

And I left this evening having built a basic (yet functional) website from scratch.  It even looks quite pretty.  Not only can I use Dreamweaver, but I know also know what a <div> is and how to use it.  Oh yes.

The trainer I had ‘Pat’ was very friendly, and knowledgable – and he explained things in such a way that even a technie wannabe like me could understand. 

During the breaks, soft drinks and yummy biscuits were provided, and lunch was a healthy mix of salads, sandwiches and lovely little cakes.  They even gave us ice cream in the afternoon.  Yes, you read correctly – ice cream.

All in all I left the training today…well…feeling very happy!  I thoroughly recommend the organisation – however,  there is a cost involved – but they do give discounts to charitable / not for profit organisations (which is why our organisation got involved – in fact I think we managed to get funding for our couple of places…)

But if you don’t have the cash free, another organisation for freeonline training and tutorials  in all things computer related check out W3 Schools.  This is an amazing resource.

You can also read more about Happy Computers here  >>>


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