F*cking builders…

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Question:  What do you get if you give a retarded shit-for-brains chimpanzee a lobotomy?

Answer:  The builder currently working on our bathroom.

I worked from home today for two reasons – firstly to go and register with my local GP, and secondly to let the builder in to finish the last bit of work needed on our bathroom.

And the work-shy bastard has neglected to turn up for work again.  

All day I waited, putting of registering for the GP until the last minute – fearful that Mr Builder-Man would turn up while I was out.  And at 4.30pm today I get a text saying ‘I thought it might rain today so I’ll come tomorrow instead’

Aside from the fact that the majority of work that he is doing is inside the flat, and aside from the fact that it has been brilliant sunshine all day, I think 4.30 is a little late in the day to send apologies! 

I must say that I am not filled with confidence in his work if he shows this level of incompetence in basic time management.


I am seriously not in a good mood today.


Written by Lores

July 14, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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