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One thing I have noticed about not smoking during the day is the amount of time I have available to do things.

In the past my working day was punctuated by numerous 10-15 minute cigarette breaks.  On some (particularly stressful) days, I would probably spend at least an hour outside in the car park puffing away. 

I would always claim that a cigarette ‘helped me think’, or that I needed a break from my computer screen.  I would always ‘just go for a quick fag’ before doing any sort of task.  In other words, smoking was just an excuse for me to procrastinate.  

It amazes me how much I get done in a working day now! 

However, while I have managed to quit smoking during the day and during the week, I’m still hanging onto those ‘social’ weekend cigarettes.   It started as ‘I’ll just have the odd one’, to me going out and buying cigarettes on a Friday and then smoking them all until Sunday morning.

So technically, I haven’t really quit smoking at all – just limited my intake to Friday and Saturday nights.   Shame. 

So from this week I have decided to quit those ciggies as well – enjoyable as (I think) they are. 

But smoking is smoking at the end of the day – no matter how much I try and convince myself that I am just a social smoker, I know I am still hooked.  And I think it would be easier to quit smoking today than say, battle cancer or emphysema at some point in the future.

More information about quitting smoking can be found here


Written by Lores

August 3, 2009 at 1:05 pm

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  1. I quit smoking using elctronic cigarettes, they are much more satisfying than patches or nasty gum. BluCigs are the best by far, vapor, flavor, its great to smoke in my house again…Good Luck

    Blu Cigs

    August 5, 2009 at 5:58 am

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