Good Deeds Cleanse the Soul…(But not the Liver)

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I woke up this morning in a foul mood.  As per usual, I totally over did it this weekend – drinking way too much booze on Saturday night, which meant yesterday was a total write off – I was good for nothing apart from lying prone on the settee willing my hangover to go away.

I have been fighting the urge to write a lengthy blog post denouncing my compulsive and boozy behaviour and claiming ‘that I will never drink again’.  Mainly because this blog is littered with too many posts like that – it is boring even to me!  I’m not even sure why I feel this need to publically declare my intention to be a new healthier person and denounce my previous excesses anyway. 

So anyway, I’m a little ‘Grumpole of the Bailey’ this morning.  Partly because of the waste of a day yesterday, partly because my hangovers seem to last two days nowadays (a sign I am getting old I think).

But I was cheered to see that St Helena Hospice – the wonderful North Essex charity – are now on Twitter and also have a jazzy new website.

I stumbled on this charity when I lived in Colchester – they offer amazing, free, support for people suffering with terminal illness in North Essex. 

While I lived in Colchester I bought a lot of (fabulous quality) furniture and books from the Hospice Shop to support their work, and also donated unwanted belongings as well.

So – because doing a good deed makes me a happy girl – the deed for today to lift my spirits was to donate £10 to this charity. 

It’s a small gesture that may help to cleanse my soul, but one that doesn’t have an effect on my liver sadly. 

Of course I’ll never drink again anyway. 

At least, not until the next time.

St Helena Hospice are also on facebook >>>


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