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Crikey blimey indeed!  Today, I realised that 20,000 people had stumbled onto this blog.  Craziness!  How did 20,000 people find this blog?  Well – here are the random collection of the bizarre search terms that have been used to find my blog over the last year:

  • Chav / Chav Picture / Chav Girl / Ugly Chav / What is a Chav / Chav Car – I thought I would group the ‘chav’ searches under on banner.  Who ever thought a chav could be so popular?
  • Greek Gay Men – Quite a popular search term for this blog.  I can imagine the disappointment when the searcher is led here…
  • Contact lens chilli – The pain is a lasting memory…suprised anyone can see through the pain and tears to google this one…
  • Kemp folds – genius
  • Morrissey – And why not!  I love Morrissey – any other self respecting Morrissey fan (there is such a thing) will google his name at least once a day…
  • spotty chin – I think this refers to a blog post I did a while back about me having a spotty chin.  I realise that the stuff I post about is really rather dull in hindsight…
  • Serious monkey – I am rather…
  • give myself a coffee enema***all time favourite*** it has been used so often to find this blog that I am led to believe that coffee enemas more popular than previously thought!
  • Skinny old morrissey – Oddly quite a few people have used this search term! 
  • xmen psychotherapy – ***all time favourite*** I just love the fact that someone has actually googled this!  Perhaps they needed psychotherapy after watching the rather bad film?

Written by Lores

November 23, 2009 at 2:57 pm

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  1. lol… particularly love the ‘serious monkey’ one! Isn’t it random, the things people search for?

    Kyra's Mom

    November 24, 2009 at 3:25 pm

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