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Hola!!  Como esta??  Como te llama??  Me llama Laura!! 

We don’t need no stiiiiinnkiiiing badges…

No I’m not have a meltdown – I’m going to Cuba.  And in preparation for my epic trip I’m attempting to pick up a few palabras in Spanish.

I’m not feeling hopeful.  In a few weeks of study (CD + spanish lessons at the local college) I have not progressed beyond saying my name, where I’m from and ordering beer…and I suspect that I might need a little more than this in order to get by.

Worryingly I also don’t seem to be able to say anything in Spanish without adopting a comedy ‘hey gringo’ Mexican accent. It’s not intentional – it’s just the way my brain makes spanish words come out of my mouth.  I sound like the Mexican bandit from Blazing Saddles.

So, with less than a  month before I depart, please please please if anyone has any advice on how to get some ‘proper’ Spanish into my thick noggin I’d love to hear it.

Otherwise, I fear that I run the risk of spending two weeks sounding like a racist simpleton with a booze problem.


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April 16, 2011 at 10:44 am

Three Days and counting…

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Crikey blimey indeed – only 3 days until the Southend Half Marathon and I’m slightly regretting telling so many people that I’m doing it…only because the pressure is on now!  However, the plus side is that we’ve raised £180 for char-i-dee which is pretty good – mucho thanks to all the lovely people who have sponsored us!

Between my training runs, the day job, and the volunteering at Age Concern, I’ve hardly had time to blog – but rest assured that pictures of me looking worn out and red faced will appear here after the run 🙂

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June 10, 2010 at 10:25 am

Running Joy…(aka – 13 miles of torture…)

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Believe it or not, on 13 June 2010, I plan to run (and win) the Southend Half Marathon.  Ok, maybe not the ‘win’ bit, but I do aim to make it round in one piece – and being a good old stick – raise a few quid for char-i-dee at the same time.

I’m running the Southend Half with my lovely sister to raise £££’s for the organisation that I am lucky enough to work for – Community Links – which is an innovative charity running community-based projects in east London. Founded in 1977, who help over thousands of vulnerable children, young people and adults every year, with most of the work delivered in Newham, a borough which ranks highly on the index of deprivation. Find out more about Community Links here and here is my fundraising page

For anyone who cares, you can follow my training progress here at – a site that really helps to keep me motivated and keep me out of mischief.  Sort of!

Seriously though, if, after all this training, I don’t end up with a pair of thighs you could file your nails on I’ll be most disappointed!

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May 13, 2010 at 10:22 am

Running WIN

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(Well…not quite a WIN, but so titled for consistency reasons given that my last post title was Running FAIL…)

As a direct response to my last post, and as a way to publicly humiliate myself…sorry… keep tabs on my training progress, Mr BSRS has introduced me to a little site called

Dailymile is a nifty little platform that allows you to record the distances you run (in my case not very far), along with the time it took (in my case quite a bit of time), and works out your speed, work rate, and how many calories you have burnt off in donuts each time!  Very clever.

So, entering into the spirit of things, I’ve signed up, and I will dutifully record each run (and fall) I take, and see if this method of recording my progress helps to motivate me, improve my stamina, and ultimately help me get around the 13 mile circuit in June.

In any case, at least I will know how many donuts I’m entitled to eat at the end of each run…

If you care you can follow my progress here.

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March 29, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Running FAIL

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This is a public health warning, and also a direct response to the running joy chronicled my friend Steve over at Blood, Sweat and Running Shoes

Running is hazardous.  To the health and the ego. 

I am supposed to be training for a half marathon in June 2010, the same half marathon as Steve (or Mr BSRS) is successfully training for.  However, unlike Mr BSRS, I’m a lazy slattern who doesn’t believe in exercise when I actually have to do it. 

Conversely however, I am also an extremely competitive individual, and the thought of a friend of mine completing while I bail out, is almost too much for me to bear. 

So, on Wednesday evening – worried by thoughts of failure, and guilt tripped by the BSRS blog – I managed to squeeze my corpulent frame into a my running gear and out onto the street to attempt (what is known in the trade as) a ‘training run’.

I was doing well – very well in fact – for the first half a mile at least, until I tripped over something and became rather vertically challenged.  Who knows what I tripped on – it was dark. It could have been a stone or a bit of kerb, or perhaps it was own fat feet, but all I do know is that one minute I was feeling quietly smug at my exercise prowess, and the next I was eating gravel. 

As I limped home with a grazed elbow, two grazed hands, two grazed and bruised knees, and dented dignity, I couldn’t help but feel that I would have been better off staying at home with a cup of tea and a bit of cake.  (And I also wondered if this is what my friend meant when he named his blog ‘Blood, Sweat and Running Shoes’)

So Steve – matey – you can keep the moral highground…go on…keep it…while I try and work out a way that I can  finish this 13 mile race – while not necessarily faster than you – at least in one piece…

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March 26, 2010 at 3:21 pm

The Wave

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Yesterday, 50,000 people (of which I was one!) joined The Wave climate change march, to put pressure on government to take urgent action on climate change.  The march started in Grosvenor Square and ended up in Parliament Square, where the marchers circled parliament.

Here’s some footage of the march (I don’t think this is going to launch my career as a film maker), and a couple of photos along the route.

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December 6, 2009 at 10:49 am

Happy to have and not to have not…

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It seems the creepy John Lydon dreams I kept having a few months ago were actually a portent of impending “giggage” – as Public Image Ltd have reformed and are performing in London this December.

So a couple of days ago I went out and bought a couple of tickets to appease the Lydon dream-demon.  Lets hope he leaves me alone now.

I do like PiL, and I’m really looking forward to the gig.  I just really hope that they play a variety of their earlier punk / experimental sounds as featured on the first few albums, Flowers of Romance, Metal Box and First Issue, and not so much of the dross from later in the band’s career.  Such as the hideous ‘dad rock’ sounds from the album That What is Not – which are enough to make a girl soil her bondage trousers in distress.

Anyway, probably best I end this entry on that unappealing note.  Here is some 80’s – tastic PiL to point your eyes at:

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November 4, 2009 at 6:42 pm